How to be a Friend

Have you never had a true friend your whole life? Do you feel there’s nobody that really understands you and is honest with you? I am really sorry. I understand what you go through. The minute you trust someone, they back-stab you. Your “friends” throw a hidden jibe at you.  And you, poor child, don’t even know why.

But hey, don’t despair yet, I might know why. If the only common denominator amongst all your failed friendships is you, chances are you’re the prickly thorn. It’s time to stop playing the victim card and get working on those dreadful friendship skills.

I am sorry enough for your awful predicament, I am not apologizing for the rude awakening. So if you missed a few vital friendship lessons, here’s how you can make some real friends.

I present to you,


  • Learn to trust: I am aware of the whole your-trust-is-sacred concept. But the minute you decide to call someone your friend, you owe it to them. Take inspiration from James Potter and regard it the height of dishonor to mistrust your friends. For every one person that would break it, two would have earned it.

  • Don’t be a Sherlock Holmes: Friends joke around. That is an absolute truth. Don’t read too much into it and insist on taking offence at every little thing.

  • Give them the Benefit of the Doubt: If you find out that a friend said something mean about you, don’t take revenge by talking mean about them. Talk it out. More often than not, it’s just a third person twisting words.

  • Don’t be a backbiter: Don’t ever talk behind your friend’s back. This is what gave start to the whole ‘frenemy’ protocol.

  • Keep the secrets: If someone trusted you with a secret, don’t blow it by giving it away. Not even to someone you trust with all your heart. They have someone too that they trust with all their heart. You can see the pattern here.

  • Don’t say no, if you can say yes: When a friend asks for a favour, you give it. No questions asked.

  • Don’t be a drama queen: Don’t be hurt just because they cancelled plans or forgot your birthday. Besides, you get to forget their birthdays and not even feel bad about it.

  • Learn to forgive: We all make mistakes. If a friend hurt you but is genuinely sorry, find it in your heart to forgive them. Don’t save it as a weapon to use in future. You are not an old married couple.


The rules are simple. If you want a true friend, you have to be one yourself.

What, according to you, are important friendship rules that I missed? Tell me in the comment section below!



  • Mariyam Z

    Thank you, Huda!

  • Mariyam Z

    Thank you!

  • Mahima verma

    Too good…loved it specially the “frenemy” thing.

  • Garima Verma

    This is great. Taking these points in note, one can become a good friend or at least try to become one.
    But you know, there are people who never appreciate your efforts you put in the relationship. How should we deal with them?
    Would love to know your POV.

  • Huda Rizvi

    Great work mariyam..
    U have almost covered everything dear..!!
    Wishing you all the luck for your blog ..😘😘😘