Top Five Nude Lipsticks

FUN FACT: Women will use up to 9 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. 

Wait, what?

I wish I could start off this post by saying how much I love lipsticks. But I don’t. Actually, I do. Not too much, though. Kind of a lot, really.

Sigh, it’s like one of those Ross-Rachel-type-of-relationships.


I have been really digging the nude lipsticks lately. They are the most comfortable colours to wear and can never look wrong. Here are my top five picks. Now I do realise they seem pretty similar. But they all have different textures, finishes and purposes, I promise. To be honest, the fact that you are at all interested in this post tells me you don’t care for my excuses. Let’s get to the favourites, yo!

1) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose Velvet. 

Where I got it: Gifted.

Price: INR 599; USD 8.49.

2) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm.

Where I got it: Made my sister get it from the US.

Price: INR 600; USD 6.

3) Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in ‎Monday.

Where I got it: Ordered off their website.

Price: USD 6.

4) Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Stud.

Where I got it: Ordered off their website.

Price: Part of a mini set worth USD 18.

5) Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Rose Tea.

Where I got it: Gifted.

Price: INR 2100 (on Nykaa); USD 28.

Here’s another lipstick fact: In 1500’s, English people believed that lipsticks had magical powers. We do too, don’t we?

What are your top picks? Tell me in the comment section below!

  • Really? I find them really comfortable.

  • The Estée lipstick looks lovely! I find Nyx a little drying – maybe it’s just me? They look stunning but I just can’t wear them 🙁 xx

  • Thanks, Marina! ❤

  • Yes, the Nyx soft matte lip creams are honestly everything. I’ve got darker skin so my nude is the shade Dubai. Love them, and loved this post too! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie x

  • ❤️

  • These all look so good! I’m dying to try some NYX matte lipsticks!

    x Annabelle

  • Thanks!! ❤❤


    Lovely post! I love the MAC ones, they are super moisturizing! X


  • Thank you, Shreya!

  • Shreya Shekherendu

    Thanks mariyam these are so nice..