The Birthday Fail

As a completely normal human Indian person, I am bound to start with the weather talkWinter’s coming up and I am already excited.

Winter’s my favourite time of the year. I feel I was born to be born in winters. Only I wasn’t. I was born in June. And let me tell you, June birthdays are the worst.

Which reminds me, my niece’s birthday is coming up. Not that I can forget, what with constantly being bombarded with all the anticipation and the countdown. Boy, are kids excited for their birthday! I guess the last birthday I was really excited for was my 16th. After that I decided I was too mature to jump up and down for a stupid birthday. However, after three years of being a grandma, I decided I am going to have friends over again. Only now, the burden of organizing a party fell on my shoulders. It was a total disaster. I was absent from my own party for over an hour because I had to go and pick a friend. The AC wasn’t working so we were all really hot. The humidity had wrecked havoc on our appetites. All I really remember from that day is lots of heat, lots of sullen faces and my friend Aeiman not apologizing for throwing me off her bike.

A year later, I still hadn’t learnt my lesson. That year, I had two separate birthdays: one each for friends from college and school. We didn’t have any help so I depended on my sister to make the biryani. Now, that I was under her Ehsan, I was obliged to listen to her and be extra nice, which was exhausting in itself. Long story short, I spent my birthday and the day after sweating, doing household chores, sweating some more and in general being really cranky.

Coming back to my niece’s birthday, now november is a nice time to have a party. As I have taken it upon myself to be the “cool fun aunt”, I find myself asking her what she wants to do. Only, my niece is a much bigger person than I ever was. She doesn’t want a party. She wants to distribute sweets at the Leprosy Ashram.


I may not be a cool aunt, but I certainly am a proud one.